TUR Snowboards from Sweden. Born out of dark winters and profound passion – with a wealth of experiential riding wisdom. Designed to cover every corner of the mountain. Constructed with high performance materials and exceptional detailing. Shaped with a purpose. Approved by the harsh conditions of Scandinavia. Refined for you and the mountains of the world. Welcome to the bright side.



Scandinavia is no ordinary place – it’s a perfect juxtaposition of light and darkness. Our unique landscape, with its ever-changing snow conditions and proximity to the Arctic Circle, serves as an ideal testing ground for our snowboards. We design, shape, and rigorously test all our boards in diverse snow conditions around our Swedish backyard, collaborating with splitboard guides, pro-riders and enthusiasts to ensure top performance. If they works here, they will work anywhere.



The shape of a board is its signature, significantly influencing your experience on the mountain. At TUR, we meticulously craft our board shapes, camber, and rocker profiles to achieve the perfect blend of float, stability, speed, and playfulness. Our shapes, like the Buteo and Labb, excel in deep snow and on corduroy, offering a great all-around experience. The Bubo, Korp och Falc was designed to maximise both performance and style in and outside the piste, meanwhile, the Pluv and Tica are modern, high-performance boards designed for playful riding across the mountain. Together they are what we would want in our boardbag for a lifelong journey on the snow.



Each board starts with a vision and we construct the board around that vision. To create a truly premium board, we don’t compromise on any level, working with the best people, factories and materials we trust. Utilizing lightweight wooden cores for agility, fast sintered bases, and premium steel edges, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. What sets us apart is our expertise in combining these materials in distinct, premium compositions for each board. We apply our years of knowledge around board building to a variety of specific premium material compositions for each board. And only after tons of adjustments, rethinking and refinement, are the boards ready to be branded TUR.



TUR’s genesis was born of necessity, originating from a few passionate Swedish snowboarders seeking to create a thoughtfully curated collection of premium boards. We set out to put together a well-thought out, minimal quiver of premium quality boards that would be specific enough to fit our different riding styles, yet broad enough to allow us the freedom to explore the varying terrains of the entire mountain. Focused on the essence of snowboarding, these designs are mature enough for everyday use and built to stand the test of time. After a lifetime of riding, developing, and selling boards, we recognized the absence of a brand that met our needs. In 2017, we took the initiative to create our own solution. The result was TUR and our mission hasn’t changed since.



Each shape features a unique artwork by the Swedish artist Ragnar Persson where the name of the model is illustrated. The names of the shapes come from specific birds that, through their unique features and habitats, fit the surroundings each snowboard is made for. The artwork is taken from the birds’ characteristics, both through its visual approach but also through its specific features. Ragnar’s works have been shown in galleries all around the world and he is represented in Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm.